From my Diary of Voyage...

From the voyage of my life...
The Riddle of my life is ME.
At one stage of her life, perhaps at middle of life... Reflecting her life.
By chance or maybe not by chance, because she believes NOTHING is Coincidence...
A woman at her 40's, navigates her virtual life into this site - For the link to her official site.
Internets life is new to her, and so stunned with it's possibilities she studies this media and her way through it.
She tests perhaps different realities & "realities"
friendships, and concepts.
She travels at cyber space , as part of the journey of her life. She meets, she influence and get influenced ... inspire others, as she's inspired by others.
YES, She learn A LOT... She's growing, her own way, questioning her life... YET... There's so much more to learn, at the outside world...
She mourns of dreams that shattered to pieces...
And goes for new ones...

Some dreams were even not real dreams... Other dreams perhaps were never meant to be, the way she wish it to be.

Life at times must be designed for a purpose . Unnecessary details which might block the sight from seeing correct, should be removed, to let easier travel.

No one can show her, her way... BUT HERSELF.

Because, life can be mysterious... contain riddles of one kind or another.
Time to go on... With EyEs open to the continuation of the voyage..

All that happens in my life, IS FOR MY BEST.
During the last 4+ years, I felt the urge of my photos being taken, from several reasons... perhaps dealing with the changing me, in another creative way of EXPRESSIONS. At each photography session, quite a lot of photos are being taken, of course the best are chosen to be used. I try to bring as much expressions as I can each time. Sometime the photo describe the real mood , the minute was taken, sometimes not at all. Of - course the weather conditions such as sun and wind, can influence as well.
Thanks for escorting my virtual life.

Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush

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Anonymous Guest (IP:

Les Jobes 25 Apr 2009

In the beginning that purpose is not only hard to find, but also hard to figure out what it is - All might elude you while you're busy doing others things to pay the bills ;o) Then as we grow older other things, unexpected things, can happen, and we learn to work with all the challenges.. like the ever progressive internet and all the different software programs. You look marvelous! I agree with all you are saying my friend. :o) Hibukim Rabim

Anonymous Guest (IP: 24 Apr 2009

You look so beautiful there, Nira. Love both photos. I think we talked few times about reflecting. Wonderful write up. Neshikot. C U soon. MDP.

Artist Reply: Thanks again, indeed I enjoy talking with you, and surely we shall talk more also :-) my dear. Of - course, I hope to visit you soon, in your new home. LOVE & NESHIKOT...

Thom Roslan 23 Apr 2009

Very well said Nira.....It does sound like you have "experienced" alot of what you write about......Best of Luck in your search of LIFE & LOVE !

Artist Reply: Indeed Thom. Thanks so much, my dear friend.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 22 Apr 2009

Wonderful photos, accompanies with touching thoughts. What a beautiful woman you are inside and out. Love it, Nira. Thanks for sharing. Big hug.

Artist Reply: Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts & compliments dear anon.. glad you love. hugs

Heloisa Castro 22 Apr 2009

great photo, Nira

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot, Heloisa... Blessings.. NIRA.