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Kokopelli Dancing Spiritkeepers Stone

~ ABOUT - Spiritkeepers Hand Painted Stones & Shells Blog; stories behind the stones & unique spiritual totem animal meanings. The natural shapes of the stones that become Spiritkeepers are NEVER changed; I paint what I see on the rock that I find.

MEDIUM/GROUND: acrylic paint on natural stone, coated with durable clear varnish.

DESCRIPTION: > This item is hand painted and designed by artist Tree Pruitt; Stone #sk007 "Kokopelli Dancing". This piece is intended for indoor display though surface is water washable with cold water and care, as it is coated with environmentally friendly protective varnish. Sized at 3" (three inches) long, 2" (two inches) wide, and nearly 1" (one inch) at the thickest point; palm of hand sized. Painted on Ohio silt stone from an ancient fossil bed, making it a link to ancient knowledge -- the Akashic Record. Each Spiritkeepers is unique and individually numbered.

Being a Deity of Considerable Potency, the Kokopelli figure has been found as early as 200 A.D in ruins of pithouse people. Many different tribes through time, including the Hopi, tell tales of this mysterious figure. His legend is so widespread that some even think Kokopelli may be an Ancient Hindu God! He was a wandering minstrel who played his magical flute from village to village bringing fertility of all types, as well as song. Patron of music, dance, creativity, storytelling, and abundance. Kokopelli compares somewhat to the Lakota Heyoka medicine person (Sacred Clown), in that through entertainment and shock the people are distracted into learning lessons to take right action. Pronunciation: koh-koh-pell-ee. Also Known As: Magical Flute Player, humpback or hump-backed flute player, fertility god, prankster, healer and story teller.

See also a special digital photmanipulation of this image on products in the Spiritkeepers Section of my CafePress store.


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Izabella Pavlushko 02 Apr 2009

I haven't seen this kind of work either ! Looks stunning, Tree !!!

Artist Reply: Hello, thanks so much for your kind praise. I'm very glad you enjoy the stone! :)

gregory gallo 01 Apr 2009

ture shamanistic art from the heART!

Artist Reply: Yes, from the heart! Many blessings and thanks to you!

Armando Salas 01 Apr 2009

I'm in awe, Tree. Wonderful art again. I never saw this kind of works.

Artist Reply: Wow, thank you very much! The different surfaces of the stone really get my imagination working. It is rough on the paint brushes, but worthwhile because I enjoy it so. :)