In Compiene France

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Ginger Olansen 26 Feb 2018


Craig Cantrell 02 Mar 2015

I love this house!!

Donna PierceClark 14 Apr 2010

Oh, tell us about this beautiful building. Yes, the flowers/bushes in the foreground make it a great photo!

Peter McPartlin 10 Nov 2009

I just spotted this image as i was about to log off but felt that i had to add my little comment to say what a stunning shot.The bushes in the foreground make a big difference.

Bob Caldwell 30 Sep 2009

Very stunning photograph Sharon. I can imagine all of the past history in this wonderful and still beautiful old building. I just think of all the comings and going's of so many people within the 17th-18th Century or even further back in time. What I like the most is the roof. It appears that it must have had many more rooms within that part of the house. I also believe that this is generally the atmospheric conditions of France. Thank you so very much Sharon for allowing me to view this wonderful photo.