A Land Between Two Harbours

Inspired by Tapa Cloth, I have sought to represent a singular theme through the many smaller designs which make up the overall composition. The end result is a piece which, as the title “A Land Between Two Harbours”suggests, speaks to the multiplicity of our surroundings. In reference to the city of my birth, this print specifically represents Auckland “Tamaki Makaurau” which is an isthmus, a strip of land situated between two bodies of water; the Waitemata Harbour and Manukau Harbour - where I grew up. Each of the smaller designs represents the abundance of natural resources, from the ocean and its vast fisheries to the farmland and forests, which make the area a prized location for the Maori and European settlers. Furthermore, in reference to the relationships we foster, this piece also reflects upon the complexity and intricacies of the lives which bind a couple together. © 2009 Susan Haywood Smith

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