A contentious document from the era of British Colonialism, New Zealand’s Treaty of Waitangi has two different interpretations. The English version stipulates granting by the Maori Chiefs to the Queen of England total soverignty over the people and the land of New Zealand. The Maori version however conveys the continuation of “Rangatiratanga” (Chieftainship). A mutual bond between the Maori people "Tangata whenua" (people of the land) and their desire to work in harmony with the need to address the needs and desires of the people of New Zealand and the very land that will support their endeavours. This print seeks to embolden this concept of “Rangatiratanga” within the treaty and emphasise this essential Maori perspective held by those “Rangatira” (Chiefs),who signed or placed their mark upon it. The brown spiral is one such signature, a design from the "moko" (facial tatoo) of a chief. The text over the signature is the Maori version of the treaty talking about Rangatiratanga.

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