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I made this illust. for the cover of one of my drawing notebooks few years ago (2000?). The girls are Fuisnan in Fire, Silviden in Wind, and Seren in Water. I love this illust., even when the drawing quality of the girls' faces is a bit worthless ^^UUU


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Keyon Jones 27 Dec 2008

amazing work

Kukua Akumanyi 05 Jul 2008

great illustration....

Anonymous Guest (IP: 14 Nov 2006

this is a very colorful picture and i like it. you're very creative.

tim linville 16 Aug 2004

Thank you for your great comments.I am a little older than the Anime style in America,but I still like it.I have the classic Marvel style of seeing things,but I soften them to see their personalities.Unfotunately,that's not the Marvel way.I love your style...It is complete in it's own way.Great colors and a nice season theme that gives their faces all the worth they need.Good Luck to you.