~ olnasbel v.4 ~

The girl is Gemela, one of my characters, colored with colour pencil. I made this layout for the v.4 -the fall/winter 2003 version- of my collective olnasbel using Photoimpact. This was for the main (chromeless popup) page. It is not online now. (Visit my collective in http://www.iespana.es/olnasbel)


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Kukua Akumanyi 05 Jul 2008

Another fantasdtic image Caroline- I love her hair all those different hues of purples ....

Anonymous Guest (IP: 14 Nov 2006

i agree with tim. and her hair is amazing. what did you make this pic on? any certain programs?

Artist Reply: hi and thanks ^^ and, what elment from this pic are you talking about? drawing about? web layout about? screencap about?? please, tell me ^^U

tim linville 13 Aug 2004

You're very good at blending picture with text.