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~*~Spirit and Art~*~Self Portrait~*~

Midnight Dreamer Studio ___________________________________________ Hello and thank you so much for stopping by..... With creation I tried to display my deep feelings, my attachment to my spirit and the way I feel when I create my art......the me that is fades away and the art takes over my being, a magical moment for me.... While my true beliefs are hard to put into words, somehow I was able to create a very personal self portrait that says it all, I really wanted to share this with all my special friends, you guys make my world go round and give me inspiration to continue....... Thank you All! Peace Always, Leah Marie _________________________________________

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Teresa Dominici 18 May 2009

Great presentation video and work.

Tahnja Wolter 07 Nov 2008

love you loads Leah and I LOVE your eyes. Gee but I would love to try and paint a fantasy portrait of this but would be scared that i wouldn't do you justice

esther baltisberger 06 Nov 2008

So beautiful YOU and the composition Leah

Alberto D'Assumpcao 03 Nov 2008

Splendid work, Leah!

Caballero Salguero 03 Nov 2008

Great personality. Sober portrait.Eyes and face. Rich compsition and color.Woderful. Leah.for ever. Hugs José