Oh Deer! (excuse the pun).....Seems like this Deer has had a rather busy day.It must be really annoying when you're trying to get a well earned snooze and some idiot sticks a camera in your face..LOL (c) Griffleo 2008

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Ana Tirolese 22 Nov 2008

Rather you stick a camera in his face than a gun!

Chas Sinklier 27 Oct 2008

Personally, I'd be sticking a fork in 'im - ha! They must really run fast for their antlers to wash back like that - me hair does that when I've just come from the beach and ride like the wind with the top down - woosh! ~:0)

debbie collier 26 Oct 2008

Excellent work!!!!!!

patrick hodson 26 Oct 2008

lovely contrast.and composition.

Sigridur Bachmann 25 Oct 2008

Great B/W photo.!!! Very good gray tones and composition.!!