Blue House

In Kensington PEI, my friends are renovating a turn-of-the-century house. They are an artist and writer with twin two year old girls. A lovely place to reconnect with creativity.


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Anonymous Guest (IP: 05 Apr 2014

Riding a bike around Versailles would be fun. The teairrn is flat and the paths are wide. On my first visit I walked to the Petit Trianon and the Hamlet from the Palace and it was a beautiful walk, and not too long, maybe 5 miles. The second time I rented the little golf carts they had, and I loved that. The carts were a bit expensive, but very fun. If they still have those I highly recommend them.My favorite thing to do at Versailles, besides taking pictures, is to stand at the window in Marie Antoinette's bedroom and look out over the gardens. I can always kind of feel her personal history in that spot.And for sure bring some chic but practical shoes. Not running shoes - the French do not wear sports shoes on the street, and you will be branded as a tacky tourist if you wear them. Find something sturdy and comfortable and suitable for walking miles upon miles every day. I am excited that you are going, Heather, it will change you.Oh, and the book, "My Life In France", by Julia Child is one of my favorites. A great summer read to get in before the movie! Colleen

Sharon Gonzalez 05 Oct 2008