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JEEVES & WOOSTER  (Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry)

It was great to get the old Paints and Acrylics out again.I have'nt done much painting as of late but I thought it was about time.These two British comics are a huge favourite of mine.They both met at Cambridge University in the mid 70's.They struck up a comic partnership not soon after and have both become 'National Treasures'.They've had their own TV Series which was a huge sucsess in the early to mid 80's and went onto even greater things by staring in the TV series'Jeeves and Wooster' which was adapted from the brilliant PG Wodehouse books.These two have never been off British TV Screens.Hugh Laurie now stars in the US TV Series 'HOUSE'.Stephen Fry as written countless books,he is also the voice on the 'Talking Books' of Harry Potter.Their CV's are endless......far too much too state here. This painting was done using Acrylics with Emulsion highlights.It was painted on Canvas board.The finished painting was then photographed with a 12MP Camera and tweeked a little bit using Photoshop. (c) Griffleo 2008.

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Alana Meltham 24 Sep 2008


Alana Meltham 24 Sep 2008


Ana Tirolese 18 Sep 2008

Fantastic work! I really like them too. I love "House" as well, and Fry has guest appeared on "Bones".

steven mccorkle 19 Aug 2008

well done!!!

Ai Shan 14 Aug 2008

Great painting of great artists!