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The winner of the LOGO Indipendent Day of Malaysia 51 st

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Anonymous Guest (IP:

Anonymous Guest (IP: 28 Oct 2009


Anonymous Guest (IP: 21 Aug 2008

sy nk copy logo utk assgment sy...knape x leh copy..sedih..

Artist Reply: sila cari kat Tq, Anuardan

Anonymous Guest (IP: 18 Aug 2008

knpe xleh nak copy logo

Anonymous Guest (IP: 09 Aug 2008

Congratulation!!! Very nice logo and very meaningfull. The logo is goog looking, view from top. May we know,what type of font?

Anonymous Guest (IP: 07 Aug 2008

The best no for races in malaysia is 5. Which represent Malay, Sabahan, Sarawakian, Chinese & India. Now that's what i call Malaysia dudeeeeeeeeeeee.....

Artist Reply: that true for other accation we will do 5 race dont forget too orang asli. for this time my idea 3 is for the 3 major race in Malaysia . tq