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This shot was taken last evening,I went back to where I was earlier on in the day.This photo nearly ended up in the recycle bin because like an idiot I left my polorizing filtre on the camera and it came out rather underexposed but I decided to save it.There was a lot of post production using the original RAW file.I'm glad I managed to save it. (c) Griffleo 2008


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David Vanderpool 28 May 2008

great photo. Make we wish I wasnt here, or at least there!

debbie collier 25 May 2008

Beautiful shot!!!

jamie winter 25 May 2008

im glad you saved it. it is fantastic so lonely and mysterious a place in the dark. love the reflections. excellent work!!!!!!!!!

Sharon Gonzalez 25 May 2008

Wonderful ripples and reflections, David!

Emily Reed 25 May 2008

A really beautiful landscape. Hope you're having a great holiday weekend!