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~*~My Healing Journey~*~

Midnight Dreamer Studio At first I didn’t realize what I had done and the magnitude of it all….it took a moment of reflection to see how far I have come in this long road of life….My life is so different from what it used to be….I used to dwell in the pits of my depression, thinking of ways to end my life every day, watching as life went by day in and day out with out positive change, and I sat there doing it all to myself and blaming everything around me, my past all of it was to blame….then one day with out knowing it I woke up inside, it took a moment of spiritual awareness to bring me to my senses….I am a new person, life is full of love…every day is a new chance, a fresh start and every day I grow stronger inside…I am more patient and loving with my children and my mate, and I no longer wish for my demise, now seek only to get rid of negativity inside me and all around me….peace and light is the only way….I really did clean out my temple….I wanted to share this with all of my friends because I think self development is the one most important thing any one being can strive for. I also wanted to share this as a way to reach out and share light and love to anyone who is in any mental/spiritual pain…..I know how it is, I have a dozen scars that show the darkness I came from….I am here, for anyone who may need a gentle, caring hand to help get out of the darkness…for truly light can take away your darkness and love can only heal your soul…..spread peace and light and love in all that you do…... Thank you for taking a moment to visit me and read my words….... “How does your light shine in the halls of Shamballa?” -Three Dog Night

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Anonymous Guest (IP:

patrick hodson 05 Oct 2008

great image,and wow you really are a stunning girl.

Artist Reply: Well thank you very much Patrick, you are so very sweet! Peace Always, Leah

monique cooper 01 Oct 2008

What a beautiful girl you are!!.. the stare of a thousand years and the twikle in your eye of a new born star!!.. Wonderful capture!!

Artist Reply: Aw, shucks, girl you made me blush, you are so very sweet my friend! Thank you for your beautiful encouragement, you have no idea how much it means to me ! Peace Always...


hi there

Artist Reply: Hello there my friend Henry!

Janet Gioffre Harrington 04 Jun 2008

You're a beautiful WOMAN with a beautiful soul and an uplifting spirit, Leah. U my GOIL!! great old song, too. Now I'm gonna be walking around the house singing "ah, ooo oooo ooo ooo yeah, la la la la la" PIECE, girlfriend...I mean ah...PEACE!!!

Artist Reply: "I can tell my sister by the flowers in her eyes"......I luv ya Goil : ) You always make me smile...we will have to get together sometime :)~* PEACE!!!!

Olga van Dijk 04 Jun 2008

Lots of Love and Light for you on this spiritual journey Leah....