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Angel study 20

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annette steens 12 Jul 2008

a beautiful angel figure!

Aris Stathakis 04 Jun 2008

Awesome work, great!

Artist Reply: thanks for the kind comment Aris

Renata Cavanaugh 18 May 2008

Fantastic work Cliff

Joanna Jungjohann 12 May 2008

come, follow and band with the angel of host. together we rally to slay the demon host. their forces are many, but together in prayer we give strength to Tal the the mighty warrior for the innocent, who unbeknowest to them have many demons praying on their low points of self esteem to drag them down the road of doom. take my hand and live eternal!

Anne Vis 12 May 2008

Beautiful work, Cliff!

Artist Reply: thank you for your kind comment Anne