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Artist: chet warner
Uploaded: 05/11/08
Gallery: Fine Art
Subject: Religious
Media: Mixed Media

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by cliff warner
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Angel study 19 second version
(Image 51 of 149) Copyright © chet warner


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  Date / Time   Name / Comments
  05:32 PM  
Sara Deutsch
  Radiates inspiring and healing light ...
  09:48 AM  
Carolina Tyran
  This angel in particular seems to be talking to me.. it gives me a loving message of merci, sadness and happiness.. all imbued in that superb violet hue...
  08:41 AM  
Renata Cavanaugh
  Beautifully done....I love your use of color
  09:26 AM  
Mark Saxton
  really nice work.
  07:04 PM  
Joanna Jungjohann
  with mind and heart and soul, she connects to an innocent in danger
  08:26 AM  
John Fish
  beautiful image. wonderful lighting and shading
  03:49 PM  
annette steens
  meditative design, so peaceful!
  03:29 PM  
Emily Reed
  12:46 PM  
Zura Potskhishvili
  Artist Reply:   thanks for the positive comments Zura