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figure study s23

copyright cliff warner

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Greg Summers 18 Jul 2008

your portfolio is filled with wonderful iamges - this is just one of another beautiful work

June Steward 21 Jun 2008

Sheer beauty and perfection, Cliff. Love the colors, texture and form.

Stewart Fowler 27 May 2008

your work is so sensual... I Love it!!

Artist Reply: thank you for your positive comment Stewart

Olga van Dijk 19 May 2008

YOUR WORK IS BRILLIANT and has this own unique style which you only can find in your portfolio. BRAVO CLIFF! You're a great artist! --Love and Light~Moi

Joanna Jungjohann 23 Apr 2008

hello cliff. this one puts me in mind of the 20's, no clue why. but the work is great!