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Artist: Ropati Leaso-Cobb
Uploaded: 04/21/08
Gallery: Art/Drawing Misc.
Subject: Book Illustration
Media: Colored Pencil

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by Ropati Leaso-Cobb
by Ropati Leaso-Cobb
by Ropati Leaso-Cobb
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(Image 4 of 4) Copyright © Ropati Leaso-Cobb

From a Torres Strait island legend "Dagmet" The main character Sibika is awoken from his sleep by a mythical monster known as Dagmet. Dagmet appears at night by the light of the moon, and Sabika has been waiting for whoever it is that has been stealing his fish from his camp fire.
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  Date / Time   Name / Comments
  11:36 PM  
indarto budi
  Great drawn! Love the expression on the man's face!
  06:12 PM  
Beth Austin
  This is awesome! The colors in the eyes are great! also looks like a lot of fine mark-making!
  03:15 PM  
Barbara Giordano
  Good intensity - well done.
  11:05 PM  
Teresa Dominici
  Nice art work.
  05:45 PM  
paul megens
  very good !
  08:30 AM  
Jessica Stalvey
  The colors set the mood perfectly! Good job.
  08:22 AM  
cat delaleu
  very intense, good work
  08:06 AM  
jamie winter
  extrodianray piece. very very well done Robert
  05:29 AM  
Robin Mead
  Intense!!Excellent..what an extraordinary work..wonderful!!