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Angel study 15

copyright cliff warner

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Sara Deutsch 31 May 2008

I love the depth and power of your angels..

Dijana Iva Sesartic 24 Apr 2008

Why the face of angel is hide..?It´s very strange.So many light in you composition and suddenly so dark in the place where was´t expected...I´d like very much subject angel in art and what I´d like to now :Do you believe in Angels?

Artist Reply: hi Dijana, the light & dark is simply designed to accentuate contrast & effect, I'm sure Angels exist & are believed in by many faiths & cultures. my own Angel artwork takes initial inspiration & development from the traditional western religious visual interpretation of Angels.

Joanna Jungjohann 20 Apr 2008

hauntingly beautiful work cliff. so very fine.

Tracey Loftis 20 Apr 2008

A striking beautiful piece of fine art Cliff. Wonderful work.

June Steward 20 Apr 2008

Beautiful composition and colors, Cliff. Just lovely...

Artist Reply: hi June, thank you for your kind comment