Born into a life of ease and riches within the majestic walls of Castle Rogotia, Princess Lorini wanted for nothing. Her future had been set at the time of her birth. An arranged marriage to the newly born Prince Gaetan of Kachel in an attempt to unite the two kingdoms. The marriage would take place in the sixteenth year of her birth. Her twin brother would succeed their father on the Rogotia throne, the kingdom would prosper and all would be in accordance as it should. However, before young Lorini was even a year old the castle was overthrown in part through the betrayal of someone within. With her father slain and her brother missing, the infant princess and her mother were spared and remained in the castle under the tyrannical rule of the emperor Arcand. Arcand,priming young Lorini for use in a future evil deed, allowed Lorini the full priveledges of a princess as she grew to adulthood.Her mother, an unwilling participant in Arcand's deception, was mysteriously killed shortly before Lorini's twelveth birthday. Saddened by the loss of her mother, Lorini immersed herself in study. Taking advantage of her royal upbringing, she studied under the finest tutors and scholars in the kingdom in a multitude of subjects.However, she excelled in and enjoyed most the secret apprenticeship she had with the White Mage, Joliath. Upon teaching her all of the White Magic arts that he could,Joliath divulged to her the dark deceitful past of the man she called father, Arcand. Lorini fled the castle and now aids Joliath in the quest to restore the kingdom to it's former glory. Artwork and character copyright 2003 - 2004 Darryl "Liquidd" Taylor

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Patrick Boyle 24 Jun 2006

reminds me of Luis Royo (his work not him) awesome picture.

Angela Francis 23 Mar 2006

Beautiful work, love the story behind the image. Great job on both!

Patti Jo 14 Oct 2004

Darryl...your work is amazing!

Peter Leahy 06 Oct 2004

this is just really wonderful, I love the way the hair flows all about her

Jassy Konopacki 05 Jul 2004

killer, keep up the good work!