Wild Heart

This is a Man with a Wild Heart; He seeks his maiden in distress...Where is the Love of His Life? This Soul is searching for a Sweet Gentle Women who he can ravish with his Love! Kindness is His Only motto! It is an Honor to know this particular Man!

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david porfirio 26 May 2008

i like the expression you caught in the eyes , excellent photograph

Anonymous Guest (IP: 04 Apr 2008

thought this one was out of here

Anonymous Guest (IP: 18 Mar 2008

Nice to hear from you in all respects. Thanks for thinking of me. I do love you, Mary Lou Ann and the children and family. I am working on paying up bills and my life. Trying to get it sorted out. The only hope is Christ.. Remember him and the shinning spirit that you witnessed and saw with your own eyes. He called your name. I believe the Christ, the Savior and the Lord of all still talks and walks with his people today as of old. It is Satans' lie to think other wise. God does Love You and all his Family, the People of this Planet. He loves this Wild Heart too. First seek the Kingdom of God and all things shall be added unto you according to his riches in glory. I turn to God now for strength and help and pray for that for all of us and this Man. Draw nigh to God and he will draw nigh to you. You never leave my heart. Thank you and Jennifer and the girls and Wil for all your kindness. I miss the Pugs so much. I miss you too. It is hard to have you so far away. Mom loves you too. Give a call when you can. I am glad that your arm is better. The Lord waits for your call. He is there. Really. Never left.. You have helped me in my walk with him. Tell Charity that I love her so much and always have even if we both did not realize how much. Sinseerly CB. I like his hair. If he ever needs a friend to talk with Iam willing to listen. Tell Ed that, ok. Got to get to work now.

Chris Williams 17 Mar 2008

great portrait a very proud man

Christine brand 16 Mar 2008

hmmmm, if you think he is that wonderful maybe you are the one for him, Wild hair too! Happy Valentines' Day, Eddy and Mary Lou. I heard you laugh in the back of that call, you know!!! hehehe! Maybe you should take some more pictures of him. He has a nose like ours kind of! God Be with his heart and lead the way to Love Divine, for only in the Holy Spirit will love be true and right! Sinseerly CB