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Uploaded: 03/14/08
Gallery: Art/Drawing Misc.
Subject: Design/Layout
Media: Pen & Ink

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Submarine dolphin Tattoo!
(Image 30 of 40) Copyright © KIRK VAN IRVIN

A Tattoo I did for a guy on my ship. E-mail me if you're interested in some work! :)
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Submarine dolphin Tattoo! (Item# 131941 $ 30.00 
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  06:03 PM  
Anonymous Guest IP:
  Not bad for an ST. Might be my first tat. Batfish forever!!!!!
  01:07 PM  
Anonymous Guest IP:
  VERY nice work! Add a couple of stars above that anchor and it might be my first tat...
  07:34 PM  
Anonymous Guest IP:
  I got a few USN (SS) tatoos, but none as good as this one. Terrific. Wished I had a guy like you back in '74 when I made chief! Your tatoo sums up some of my proundest moments in USN and life. CWO(SS)
  07:29 AM  
Anonymous Guest IP:
  THAT is an awesome tattoo! ~ MMC(SS) Dudley ......A-Gang of course!
  Artist Reply:   thanks chief! appreciate it!
  09:32 AM  
Anonymous Guest IP:
  Paul049 here STS3(SS) 1966-1970 Great drawing Have you anymore great tats for submariners? I served all my hitch on board SSBN 602B Abraham Lincoln
  08:22 AM  
Anonymous Guest IP:
  it is pretty good for a chief....FT2(SS) Cooper
  07:33 PM  
Anonymous Guest IP:
  hate to tell you, but that's not the submarine dolphins.
  Artist Reply:   Hate to tell YOU, but I know it's not; it's a TATTOO for someone. Please get some time under the pond and come out from behind "Anonymous guest" before you tell me what is or are not dolphins. STS1(SS) Kirk Van Irvin
  12:59 PM  
annette steens
  this is really COOL!
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