Grounds For Divorce

(c)2008 Coffee is everywhere,...and costs too much too! Just some simple beans from around the world, ground up and brewed and whoop-T-do, a cup of coffee. That isn't worth what they're charging for the stuff,...more likely it's like when you first wake up, your significant other first, or your first cup of coffee to get you out the door? Don't believe me,...try doing things in the opposite order for a few days,'ll see the real picture fast. Here's how bad the addiction has gotten,...they're in your neighborhood now competing with the old coffeepot in your house. hehehe :O)


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Nira Dabush 19 Jan 2008

Outstanding creativity...impressive drawing..!

Mayme Crouse 18 Jan 2008

great bird's eye view.............I'll take 2 sweet and low's and cream......thanks

Lawrence Hickman 17 Jan 2008

amazing spectacular fantasticlly done great job