Lesson in Life - 1984 / 85

In 1984 I started my Textile design studies In Shenkar College, Israel.I had almost none basic knowledge in REAL Drawing or painting...just the STRONG wish to create, to paint and design . At that time only 17 students were selected each year to study in the textile design department, I was one of them, that means the committee who selected me found I had the talent to study there.The base for design is drawing & painting ...Not every designer though can really paint or draw..The first week of my studies, one of my lecturer, Bram presented our first project with him - " THE PROJECT "( of course we had several more with other lecturers )...As I saw the year before's projects of students, not only that I was amazed by their work...I said to myself :-).." Nira I think they made a mistake by selecting you to learn here :-) "...Undoubtedly I was not the only one who felt this way.The demands for perfection were very STRONG.I was doing my efforts 7 days a week, until 2:30 a.m usually and there were few nights that I simply didn't go to sleep.Here You can view part of Bram's project, which was to copy a photo in Gouache and then to draw or paint the same photo using all kinds of techniques : like pencils coloured pencils ,Ink, and more (- partly can be seen in the next image I post today ) . It was Bram but other lecturers as well who taught me to demand THE VERY BEST of myself. when the first semester of my studies finished, I had to present also this project . That same day when we ALL Students hanged our projects on the walls...Bram said to us : " You thought you would not be able to do so at the end of semester, but in fact you did...From now on...everything you wish to do in your life, you know you can. " I will never forgot these words, especially because it came after that project,I didn't believe I could do...It become one of the most important lessons of my life. True that sometimes I use it more in my thinking...and at other times less...But it is so very true...We say in Hebrew :" En davar ha'omed bifney haratson " = where there is a will there is a way, nothing is impossible. This image is dedicated to Bram WIJLER our dutch lecturer then...Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush

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Julie Mayser 13 Feb 2008

What a fantastic work you did here,Nira, and your accompanying story is very inspirational!

Brooke Bowen 24 Jan 2008

I am very impressed with your work here. Great job.

Jeanie Chadwick 28 Dec 2007

wow, this is very impressive work Nira, not only is it technically amazing, but the story along with it is so inspirational. I have felt the same way after some of my paintings. I just didn't know the words to express it this way. Thank you.

Terri Yu 28 Dec 2007

Great work!

annette steens 24 Dec 2007

Fantastic Nira! Yes, all we need is In us! Wish you a wonderful Christmas!

Artist Reply: It is true, Annette...all we need is inside of us...may we always remember this. Merry Christmas to you and yours,Nira