Church Lady

I drew this picture around 1991, in the early 90's anyways. When my kids had a church lady who would come and take them to church alot and she would help me bake pies. It was fun to draw. She is one of my first animorphs.


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Kathryn Arruda 06 Dec 2007

What a cool, creative drawing!

cramer 13 Nov 2007

very nice picture..i love it....but i liked something u said about selling originals is like selling a ghost....i recently sold my 2 favorite paintings to my best friend out of state for $30! and i really miss these paintings now :(

Artist Reply: I always go to the printer right away and get a fresh copy, and put away my original. It is a habit now, to do this. I am thinking on putting my old originals in a safety depost box at the bank. My kids can fight over them.