Alien Family

Lighter and darker versions of ALIEN FAMILY, dedicated to julie Marks who encouraged me to discover more alien creatures. Here several individuals at different stages of development are housed in one body.

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William Boyer 04 Nov 2007

Great job.

Michael Forbus 01 Nov 2007

Sara, this is magnificent and very detailed and composed beautifully. Great digital work. Michael

Anonymous Guest (IP: 01 Nov 2007

brilliant work!!! love the shapes and colors!!!

Jeanie Chadwick 31 Oct 2007

/the eyes are so magnetic. I keep searching for more. They're my favorite part.

julie Marks 31 Oct 2007

Fabulous discovery. I think I met these aliens while traveling to one of my planets, most likely Vega where they once lived before traveling in intergalactic space. You must have a powerful telescope or a large guest room. :)) Unlike most earthlings, you have demonstrated you power to discover alien life forms. I knew they would not be threatened by your benevolent and lively spirit. I am flattered that you felt I encouraged you to meet otherworldy creatures since humans can often be mundane for earthlings like you who possess open and curious minds and creative imaginations. I am certain they are fascinated with you and are invited to visit me anytime.!!

Artist Reply: Yes, they mentioned meeting you on Vega, spoke very highly of you, and would be grateful for your hospitality. They want to continue observing us since they are fascinated with humans who have only one entity inside their bodies. They think we must be lonely....