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New Show Flyer

This is my new show flyer, the theme Girls Night Out. I hope to fill the gallery with my sculptures, female wallhangings, purse jewlery boxes, winebottle holders, wine glasses, martini glasses.....and anything else girl related............Also, Betsi Pipis has joined on board with me and is going to display all of her amazing large colorful canvases of beautiful, funkey, women, she also is a member of artwanted or you can visit We are going to have live music, and cary the party out into the town with freebies and discounts at the local stores, bars, and resteraunts.........hope to see the whole town there...and the guys don't have to feel like staying home I'll also be displaying my latest guitars, and ya know the best way to have a good night out is to go where all the ladies this business card to see my own personal website.............


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erika brodie 03 Oct 2007

Looks good. I think you did a good!

Artist Reply: I'm also planing to set up some work int the participating businesses, when I get everything orgnized...I'll let ya know and if you want to display someting at one of these places your more than welcome, I'm also going to ask becca......I'll call ya later

Tom Baryo 03 Oct 2007

Wow! wish I could be there. Good luck!