Faded Beauty

I snapped this out at my folks' place in the country. I love the colour and the faded feel to the flower.. beauty passing on.


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Anonymous Guest (IP: 05 Apr 2014

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Jerry 08 Sep 2007

Spectacular floral!

Artist Reply: Thanks Jerry, I was lucky to get such a great, clear picture :-D

Tara Corbett 07 Sep 2007

Awesome. The poppy's center is my favorite.

Artist Reply: Thanks Tara, I 'm glad you liked the poppy-- I like the centre as well, couldn't believe the detail I managed to capture--hurray! :-)

Cindy Lemoi 07 Sep 2007

So pretty. Beautiful flower !

Artist Reply: Thanks Cindy! Appreciate the comment :-)

Alexandra Dvinitninova 07 Sep 2007

For the fairies it is just a rose by another name.

Artist Reply: Thanks Alexandra! Yes, it looks like it'd be a place you might find fairies hanging out :-D