Kangla Sha

3DsMax,V-ray,Photoshop : The Dragon look in the picure is the State Emblem of Kangleipak (Manipur,now in India). It is called as Kangla Sha."Kangla" is a holy sacred place for the Meeteis and "Sha" refers to beast.It has a reflection of Sanamahism, Buddhism and Hinduism, created by wisemen of meeteis. Sanamahism was virgin religion before other religions spread through Kangleipak.Long ago when Britishers came, And when War started the British Officers gunned down putting gun powders into it's mouth.

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Anonymous Guest (IP:

Anonymous Guest (IP: 01 Jun 2012

hi sir i am Johnny Meitei. This is amazing sir...I really like this art and the story make me feels like I have lost the most beautiful jewel of my land. Thank you very much for your contribution.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 08 Dec 2010

can u add more about the history of kangla sha..

julie Marks 01 Dec 2007

The pairing of your narrative with the beautiful photograph is a wonderful marriage of the two. Your text is very informative and I love learning about new subject matter. Creative writing is an art form and when paired with art is part of the artistic package including the title. I am very inspired by Eastern philosphy and theology and want to thank you for sharing your knowledge of this fascinating subjects. I look forward to seeing more of your gallery.

Stephanie Robertson 25 Nov 2007

Amazing! I like historical things, mythology and this is just too cool. Very nicely detailed. It slightly reminds me of the game Morrowind's style!

Betty Mercey 25 Nov 2007

really like this very much! thx for the comment on my photos!