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Lucifer Falls

Treman Park, Ithaca NY. Treman Gorge, also known as Enfield Glen, exposes approximately 400 feet of shale and sandstone along a moderately steep two-mile trail. Enfield Creek flows through the gorge over 12 discrete cascades, including the impressive, 115 ft. tall Lucifer Falls. The rocks of the Glen are assigned to the Ithaca Formation (in the lower part of the glen) and the Sonyea Group (upper part of the glen). These are Late Devonian in age (~370 million years old). Of particular note in Enfield Glen is the alternation of shale and sandstone, perhaps originating from repeated shifts in sea level. Another interesting feature of area geology is "cross-bedding." Water waves cause sand particles to move along the bottom into ripples. Fossil ripples can be seen in many rocks in gorge walls. Beginning at the upper entrance, the first half-mile of Enfield Glen clearly displays the rugged, scenic effects of a post-glacial gorge. A beautiful stone pathway and steps lead to 115-feet-high Lucifer Falls, the highest in the park. Shortly past these falls, one can see a mile and a half through the deep, wooded interglacial gorge as it winds its way to the lower park.

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