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Big Brother's Hood

(c)2007 You know how there's cameras and microphones everywhere you go. And sensors in the roads to check your speed and progress. Well in the name of public safety this is a near future look at a typical suburban neighborhood either in North America or elsewhere. So,...for your own safety,...big brother is going to watch everthing you do! So,..."smile,...your on candid camera!" :O) Hehehe

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Thomas Harris 01 Mar 2009

This is a great pic. Thumbs up. It speaks loads about the society that we live in/have created. Great pic, but doesn't the eye in the sky just make a chill go up and down your a bad way?

Michael Easter 23 Feb 2009

Gregg - your work much like Lucia Stewarts brings me such joy to look at!!!!! Keep it comming boss!!!!


Good stuff!!!!!! yeah how about that big brother who is watching you........This world is something else. Excellent colors!!!

Donna Bradley 25 Jun 2007

absolutely love your style.

Tabitha Borges 23 Jun 2007

love the great colors...