Icy star


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Anonymous Guest (IP: 29 Oct 2015

Your faces do well with concern on depth, and with the geaenrl look of most features and the positioning. they are amazingly good though they have a few, only a few, minor detail problems, and that is truly "seeing" what you're drawing and not what your mind thinks. it's an agitating thing when you can see the shape of things but you're mind changes it to suit it's ideal of that feature. in any case though i absolutely adore your artwork, they're brilliant.

Elf Evans 17 May 2007

I find your work inspiring, and vibrantly active!!!!

jamie winter 16 May 2007

excellent movement and design. your compositions realy intrigue me

cathy sharpe 15 May 2007

Great the way the centre is far, drawing you in! great work, a real gazer!