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Artist: Katie Cooper
Uploaded: 05/06/07
Gallery: Fine Art
Subject: People/Portrait
Media: Oil

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by Katie Cooper
by Katie Cooper
by Katie Cooper
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Nascar Jesus (NFS)
(Image 18 of 25) Copyright © Katie Cooper

original - 20"x24" In 1673, Jesus Christ supposedly appeared to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque. To her, he revealed his sacred heart, and explained to her Gods love and mercy for each individual. When I picture Jesus, I picture the image I have seen time and time again. He has long brown hair, with a slight wave to it. His face is sweet, and he wears a long ivory colored robe, and sandals made of rope. He speaks of love and peace, and has a calm, yet powerful way about him. Then I picture him coming back today, to save those who have claimed him as their savior. What would that Jesus have to be like, to want to save people like us? He would have to be a fan of consumption. He would constantly have jingles and advertisements running through his mind, and would be moving too busily and too quickly to stop and take a breath. When thirsty, this Jesus would want to grab a cold one. The King of Kings and the King of Beers are together at last. NASCAR Jesus.

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  06:16 AM  
Anonymous Guest IP:
  Super geil das Bild!
  11:23 PM  
Anonymous Guest IP:
  What Would Jesus Drive?
  12:48 PM  
Anonymous Guest IP:
   Jeebus Cripes is are loRD and saver and you think your gone go to hell naw then you might wan not to go on ahead and do how all what you been doing now to what sinnin and let go and let gOD! am en!!
  Artist Reply:   come again?
  07:47 PM  
Anonymous Guest IP:
  Jesus Christ is King of kings and Lord of lords. He is the creator and sustainer of the universe. He is not some pragmatic beer guzzling marketing freak! Read your bible and see who He really is before you try to portray Him. This is blasphemous!
  Artist Reply:   This piece is intended to poke fun at the human race... NOT Jesus. But that is the beauty of art, isn't it? You will see it one way, while others will view it from a completely different perspective. Sorry to upset, but thank you for having a reaction!
  10:22 AM  
Anonymous Guest IP:
  gDKPNs qv8032ry07vdd91vdsv0ylv7y4
  07:17 PM  
tony murray
  Fantastic eye-porn! You have a very rare talent among artists today. Please keep them coming Do you do anything else besides your portfolio. Poetry? Philosophy?
  Artist Reply:   Wowza! Thank you Tony... I have many more in my head - the problem is getting them on canvas. As for poetry, philosophy, etc... not exactly. The gears in my head are constantly turning, but what I come up with is not what I would call philosophy. I make stufff. I also think stuff. Thanks a lot for taking the time to comment.... and I definitely plan to keep at it!
  01:15 AM  
John Enright
  unusual view of one of the most amazing rebels and revolutionaries this planet (or others) has brought to historic review. Perhaps he would drink a beer with the crew...He was known to have changed water to wine for his friend's wedding party. His miracles were off the HIs time and ours.