Iraq: More Troops?

(c)2007 It's in heated debate right now in the U.S. Congress whether to increase the number of troops in Iraq or make preparations for their removal. In my opinion, if in fact the Iranian government, and the Syrian government, are directly invovled in the act of destablizing Iraq, and other Middle East governments, then our troops should not only stay but be increased to sufficent numbers to do the job of stablizing and strengthening the Iraq government until it can stand on it's own. And the U.S. and other anti-terrorist governments should stand together and cut off all resources to and from those governments helping the terrorist insurgents.

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judit dora 04 Jul 2008

You are so right! Oh and this is a great job!

Ruth Kauffman 24 Feb 2008

WOW, Gregg...Your work is totally amazing!! The details are awesome!! You have made a very big statement with your text and pen & ink drawing and I totally agree with you!!! Excellent!!

Chas Sinklier 12 Oct 2007

Strong work Gregg - :0)

indarto budi 19 Sep 2007

looks so cute!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 28 Apr 2007

Greg, I think your concepts are so strong that words are not needed. As always, an excellent piece of work man.