Birch 1

This is an image of Birch one of my original characters. This is my very first posted image. =^_^= Birch © Kim Wyatt


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Kathrine Reverie 06 Sep 2003

Brilliant, as the others pointed out the legs are a tad funny but it takes practice to get um the way ya want them, i love the style you use, The coloring is simply BRILLIANT. OOH! FOX DEMON!/CREATURE *Drools over the fox part* TOTEMO KAWAII!!!

Edlena Faison 03 Sep 2003

WOW! the coloring is amazing! and the background is simply beautiful! but the legs look alittle funny, but other than that it's amazing!!

Kate Malcolm 11 Aug 2003

The picture overall is looking nice. Something is bugging me though. The legs may be too short and I KNOW the ankles are to thin and feet to small. I really like your shading though! Try a few more highlights on the cloths. Other than that, nice work!