Al Pacino -God Father-III

This was from a "LIFE" Magazine cover. When I drew it I haven't seen the movie. When I did I loved it. I liked all the 3 and Al Pacino is one of my 2 favourite actors. I and Ishara got married on 25th April, not being aware that it was Al Pacino's birthday.. and our son Sanjay was born on the same day.

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Anonymous Guest (IP:

Anonymous Guest (IP: 08 Dec 2008

great i thank you in behalf of Al Pacino you both are talented

Lili 11 Aug 2008

I love it. Great artwork!:)

Aila Kajan 26 Mar 2008

Excellent portrait!Amazingly beautiful!

Claudia Huefner 26 Mar 2008

Great portrait!!

Weshon Hornsby 19 Dec 2007

Awesome lines and details in this artwork. Your art is superb. congrads on the calendar for 2008 also.