11 X 14 Image of a toy rabbit for baby's room Watercolor with color pencil

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Kerra Lindsey 06 Jan 2007

Awww--the 'forgotten' bunny---love it! -Kerra

Lucia Stewart 05 Jan 2007

Fabulous creative and imaginative work!

Ginger Lovellette 02 Jan 2007

Love the simplicity of this but yet such attention to detail. Great imagination placing the rabbit leaning in the corner of the room. That, in itself, is difficult to do. Your placement is just so proper. Really great piece!

helen tyralik 02 Jan 2007

lovely work

Jerrie Glasper 01 Jan 2007

Funny, but the fact that this stuffed rabbit ist leaning over, implies that he/she is falling asleep. In which case, the sleepy eyes are appropriate. Needs a little more weight on the left. perhaps some toys or easter eggs? Perhaps it is missing it's child friend and is contemplative. Set your fertile Imagination free. Strive to tell a story in your paintings whether it be funny, sad, or lyrical. First, ask yourself - what do I want to say and how do I want to say it. Trust your own personal instincs and tendencies.