Inner Child

Digital Memory Portrait. Adult is holding her child self on her lap.


Anonymous Guest (IP:

Anonymous Guest (IP: 26 Apr 2008

That is the attitude I like to nourish within my own need to be gentle with myself and to nurture that which cannot not be. gse

Gregory Edwards 21 Jan 2006

The inner child is the mother aspect of our inventiveness. Let it guide our play...aka. Love!!!

richard wynne 30 Jul 2004

this is a very special work - I'm going to guess that the subject is holding a younger her on her lap - is that right? I never give ten's but you just got one

Sarah-Lynn Brown 12 May 2004

Very nice idea although the cutting a pasting needs a lot of work... The womans hair for example, I see grey was added and many of the edges go from soft to hard unevenly. Use the smaller eraser brush when you are further zoomed in.