Speak No Evil.....

We all seem to be in a rush these days& our society is dreadfully time-starved; courtesy and listening skills seem to have dissipated into the abyss. We all want people to hear what we are saying; therefore, we should always make sure we are genuinely listening. Be attentive to the speaker give them your complete attention. Despite all the important things that are pressing in your realm, allow the speaker your undivided attention. Never treat a person as a burden, be charitable in your judgments. At all times we should keep good eye-contact, nodding in agreement, conversing with the individual and asking leading questions. It can add to a beneficial communication experience that can enhance a positive relationship.

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Thom Roslan 06 Mar 2007

Lessons we All have heard....but seldom keep......Must be inherent in man, as well as, women! Is this what we all need a "magic" erasure of our mouths......We'd probably use our minds in the same manner!

Laurie Crouse 13 Dec 2006

Incredible image Mary! But oh how important those words are, a lesson even we adults can heed! We all know this, but to read it written so beautifully, well what can I say, I'm as guilty as the next person, but having seen this will forever give me something to remember while having conversations! Thank you! :)

Artist Reply: Wow...Thanks for the comment....It is Greatly Apprecaited!

Lynnette Zulli 27 Nov 2006

AMEN !!!!.... my Mom taught us as a child ..."if you have nothing nice to say ....say nothing at all"

Anonymous Guest (IP: 03 Nov 2006

reina loves her eyes

Artist Reply: Thank you Darling Reina!!!

Hassan Pasha 03 Nov 2006

thou shalt not speak the evil words .. LIKE WOW ... Far Out Man :)