Times Square I


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julie Marks 15 Jan 2008

This photograph helps me to feel I am on the street of NYU. Your perspective draws the viewing in to this candid street scene. Living in Los Angeles, I love NYU and unlike LA, it is a stimulating city where I feel I am thrown into humanity rather than living in a suburb. My son graduated from the French Culinary Institue in NYC after his bachelors in Business at USC. He is the executive manager of the Oyster Bar and Grill @ Grand Central Station. If you every go there, ask for Kevin and tell him his MOMMY says hi. He want to return to LA after working there for 2-3 years. He is at the top of management so there is nowhere else to go after 1 and 1/2 years. New York is a great city to visit. :) Another great shot Rob putting the viewer right on the street. Now I can cancel my plane flight. :)

sharon hendrickson 24 Aug 2006

AWWWW, the madness of the inner city :) A classic capture !!~***EXCELLENT***~!!