The Thrifts

The Thrifts. Quick sketch commission done from the world's tinest photograph. This sketch proves what I've always said; I can't draw very well from small reference pics.


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Terry Bullard 25 Aug 2006

nice pencil work - turned out very well I think!

Greg Joens 13 Aug 2006

nice work!

Leigh Karchner (a/k/a Maddy) 02 Aug 2006

Beautiful work, as always Athena. Small reference or not, you did a fantastic job on this.

Suraj Lochan 01 Aug 2006

if only u couldve had the wife smile, just a lil. u can still tweak dat in photoshop, stretch n skew~! yay! but is that really their family name? the Thrifts? aye yai yai, no wonder u got a small reference pic :P hope u got paid! :D but wow, the shading and details are still amazing, even if u may have had to improvize, did u have to make up any details? some of the details do look a lil lacking (like the husband's shirt) compared to ur other portrait works. but gosh, ur tones look so good and smooth, how do u do that?! so hey, Athenaahh!! when are u gonna draw my portrait? :P

Artist Reply: I had no choice in the pose, I was provided a photo. She had a very downward turning mouth, that was the best smile I could draw ^__^ That is really their family name. Yes, I got paid. I always get paid in advance. I did indeed have to make up details, it was hard. there's a lot lacking because of that, and because it was a "sketch" commission (in other words the client knows I will only concentrate on the face, all other details will be brief). Send me your photo via email and I'll add you to my list of "people to draw when I get time" ^__~

Olga van Dijk 31 Jul 2006

==Well...I love it!==