I Can Fly!

Digital painting/photo Subject said: "This portrait was a turning point in my life when I learned I could fly..."


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John Cappello 01 Sep 2012

Wonderful in Many Ways

Tabitha Borges 15 Aug 2006

nice blend so fun...

Loredana 25 Apr 2006

Oh My Sara i had never seen this one its such a beautiful Piece I adore this very much , you did an awesome :)

Deborah Martin 12 Nov 2005

This is Wonderful! Beautiful representation.......I love the colours, the way the gorgeous blues are mirrored above and below......This Boy with the Golden Wings is just great!!

Betty Schwartz 30 Mar 2004

It has been a pleasure to browse through your portfolio! Much of your work is purely beautiful, some whimsical, and many are totally thought provoking! "What", I say to myself, "is the REAL meaning here??" Thank you for sharing your imagination with us. Love this one! I, too, have learned to fly!