a Mother with 4 daughters

This is another type of my artworks. Years ago I'm studying people faces and characteristics around the Eastern Mediterranean sea. At the most inside the triangle with corners at Fayoum (Aegypt), Pompei (south Italy) and Konsantinoupolis (Byzantium) from the 2nd century B.C to now days. Usaly for the past im looking on Fayoum encaustic portraits, Pompei fresco murals and mosaics as they used as models for later religious egg tempera Icons in the Greek Byzantine empire. The results of my search is that in the "Magna Graecia" area the characters haven't change in the 4 now countries (Aegypt, Italy, Greece and western Turkey). In those pics i'm showing here there is a nowdays family but the techique is the same as Fayoum portraits so someone can confuse them like as old ones. The pieces of wood are fresh but i use some patinas techniques to look like old. At the follow i'll show some other pieces of my study (some copies from old and some new) to see there isn't differece. Thank you ... Babis

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Jerry 20 Oct 2006

Powerful expressions, faces, style and format! Great artworks Babis!

Julia Scorupsky 19 Sep 2006

This is very interesting and very impressive!

Révész Éva Gabriella 14 Sep 2006

What an interesting women face paintings! Great works, I like it!

Emily Reed 12 Sep 2006

Absolutely stunning work!

Cristina Marsi 11 Sep 2006

This is very interesting :)