All in One;One in All

All in One, One in All...the previous title was "Intelechy"--the guiding principle or morphogenetic field which surrounds and organizes all life. I am intrigued by the way the computer can lead us into the heart of nature. I also related to this personally, as a call to angels, an invocation...

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Cher Peterson 08 Jun 2006

Wonderful symbolism and narrative for this piece. It is amazing how computer imagery can indeed lead us into the heart of nature.

Michael Forbus 04 Jun 2006

Sara, this is fantastic, I was just wondering if I could take a wee juant around your cerebellum to see what it is that inspires you. Excellent and so remarkable. Michael

Chris Williams 03 Jun 2006

wow this is beautiful

Doris B. Lambling 03 Jun 2006

speaks to my heart :-))

Terry Harris 03 Jun 2006

Wonderful work!