Flamingo Mandala

My nature mandalas are created by twirling photographic images--here flamingos--around a center. Putting the image through a computers visual centrifuge helps us see anew what we often take for granted, the wonder and mystery of life!

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Nice work. Thanks for sharing. ~ jennifer kessell

Michael Forbus 30 May 2006

Sara, I could talk about the techniques and like artists and the sort for hours, the plane truth is I just plain love it. Makes me feel great. You are great and so talented. I am gracious that you do this beautiful work that I get to see. wonderful, Michael

Gregory Edwards 30 May 2006

I love the play of the contrasts with the middle wobbling to and fro:)))

bianca thomas 30 May 2006

love the patterns Sara....

Joke Schotting 30 May 2006

Gorgeous work,Sara!!