Impossible Love

An old theme revisited, in watercolour.

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Anonymous Guest (IP:

Anonymous Guest (IP: 14 May 2013

Kala oti einai aderfi einai oorafnelo .alla einai toso ksefonimeni na isxyrizetai oti i Kaneli tou askise prwti swmatiki via????Ase pou i Kaneli 2 lekseis na pei ton exei tapwsei to mapa giati n askhsei via? An k einai toso aderfi pou xalara ton exei tou? xeriou tis i kaneli .Malista pisteuw den antapedwse ta xtypimata giati fovithike mh toy xalasei to make up

X-Chel 01 Dec 2010

Great idea! This image reminds me, stylistically, of the paintings by fantasy-artist Boris Vallejo, but your individual style seems totally devoid of the "cheesiness" and "beefcakeness" of some (or all) of his pieces. Overall; superb image in all ways possible!

Teresa Dominici 15 Jun 2008

Wow, you have great imagination.

James Battersby 08 Mar 2007

sooo sweet:D It's great to see the two races coming together like that, like the angel just comes down and sweeps her off her....tail-finns:D lol, so cute :D. Amazing work dear Selina :)

Anonymous Guest (IP: 16 Nov 2006

I have admired your art for 2 years now and this to me is the finest representation of love i have ever seen.