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A Sign Of The Times

(c)2006 My dad bought a 1972 Chevrolet pick-up truck new with the biggest V8 there was under the hood. Solid steel chrome bumpers and heavy duty steel body parts too. And that beautiful orange truck in which I discovered the joy of sex with my first girlfriend, better gas mileage than my high tech 1999 Dodge in which I only really have the pleasure too drive anymore!!! Isn't that sad on both parts,...I think so! hehe :O)

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Jay Amatangelo 08 May 2006

I can see this happening!! It amy already has! Great job!! Keep it up man and keep the drawings flowing

Maddison Jamison 08 May 2006

Great humor Gregg! Yes, and it's going to get worse before it gets better. I heard on the news that the hybrid sales are on the rise. Too bad we are all so dependent on our cars for our freedom to get around, isn't it? Nice work here. This is really clever.

Thomas Broadfoot 07 May 2006

Great work

bianca thomas 06 May 2006

Gregg this is so funny and such a telented creation.....

thea walstra 06 May 2006

Very cool and excellent work Gregg