Spirit Of The Forest

I had this idea of a faery that could create things with her faery dust. The image of a faery with her palm out and a butterfly hovering over it. I had this desire to convey this majical place deep in some hidden forest at the edge of reality and fantasy where faeries can manifest things with their majical faery dust.

Copyright Susan Rodio.


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Tahnja Wolter 24 Mar 2007

would you look at her face! WOW! Stunning job here susan, really very beautiful

david porfirio 01 Jan 2007

this is a fantastic piece, gorgeous yet there is mystery to it kind of like the fairy is looking for the unknown and I like the curiosity in her face and the style in which was painted is really coool as well, one hell of a painting !!!!!!! great job !!!!!!!!!!!

James Battersby 28 Sep 2006

My goodness that's cool!!!! Especially the style you have. i love her majical breath...smells good too;) lol. on a serious note though, it's a very beautiful creation you've made here.....tis very dreamy and strikingly good colour, especially with the rest of the picture being of night and it's shades. Another very gorgeous work (love the wee pendent too ;)

Maurizio Miele 14 Aug 2006

Great work Susan----Maurizio Miele

Vanessa Rhodes 30 Jul 2006

Simply stunning work. Love how your paintings have a glow to them.