It wasn't a dream

Mythology suggests that mermaids are half matter and half spirit (like humans) however unlike humans they are not bound to the earth as we are. They are able to slip between the earth and spirit realm. Mermaids symbolise the seduction and power of the feminine as well as something unattainable and mysterious.

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Lisa Steinke 12 Jan 2007

This is neat. I love the tail. And the way the hair and the end of the tail sort of mirror each other. She looks jeweled. It's very sparkly!

Kathleen Marshman 30 Aug 2006

i really like your art. it reminds me a lot of some of my own. i love the fantasy behind all of your paintings. lovely.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 27 Aug 2006

beatiful and sweet. ehg

Carla Klosowski 15 Jun 2006

Beautiful work Susan!!