40 Years

Commission. Graphite. 10 hours. Please forgive the cluttered composition, it was at the strong wish of the client that ALL the various happinesses of this man be displayed. Desipite my artistic misgivings (I did at least talk her out of showing Clint Eastwood) this resulting piece is what made her very happy, which ultimately made me happy, too. ^__~

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Renata Cavanaugh 23 Jun 2006

Brilliant work as always Athena

Rob Slijkhuis 29 Apr 2006

Good pencil-art, well done!

joel zelikovitz 28 Apr 2006


Sarina Renee 28 Apr 2006

Beautifully done. WIth what you had to work with, I think you handled the composition just fine. It still holds balance and the contrasting negative and positive spaces are just right. :) Outstanding work!

Mike Worthen 28 Apr 2006

This is a wonderful piece of history. I love everything about it. Great pencil work, too.